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Here's some of my recent work. With every new project I embark upon, I start out with a clear intention and objective in mind, asking myself - How can I help my client better serve their customers?

JOY - Your AI Mental Health Companion

A conversational AI assistant that can talk freely with users and offer helpful answers in the context of mental health and wellness.

Mental Health and wellness is arguably one of the most important areas in our lives that we could all pay more attention to, and be more mindful of. To help with this, I experimented using the infamous GPT3 Language Model and created a conversational assistant. Feel free to test it out!

Screenshot 2022-11-13 185012.png

RChee - Customer Support At Scale

A Web chatbot for RingCentral that automates customer support chat and minimizes human agent intervention.

RingCentral - one of the biggest cloud contact center providers, faces the herculean task of dealing with thousands of customers requiring product support, every day. Conversational AI is the perfect solution for this, as it can easily learn and respond to common & frequent questions that users have, freeing the support agents to tackle the more nuanced, complex queries that only us humans can fully understand (yet!)


Appointment Scheduler SMS Bot - Simplii Financial

An SMS chatbot used to automate call-back request messages and schedule appointments with prospects.

A large part of the Sales Cycle of financial service providers consists of actively reaching out to prospects to qualify them, and this requires scheduling a suitable time with the lead & nurturing them. This process can often be tedious for SDRs and involves numerous follow-ups and reminders to multiple leads; managing it alone can be a nightmare. However, this can easily be automated with Conversational AI, saving both time and money while delivering a seamless user experience.


Meena - A Virtual Sales Rep

Sales bot designed and developed for - a healthy meal delivery service for kids, aiming to revolutionize food through science. 

An eCommerce chatbot, created for the main purpose of increasing lead generation & automating sales. Customer support is also handled by chatbot Meena, she easily answers frequently asked customer questions, reducing customer response times and ultimately improving customer loyalty, brand experience, and satisfaction.

Meena - cover.jpg

Miscellaneous Projects

Here are some other bots I've built for various businesses and use-cases.

Working as a freelancer gave me the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of business verticals. This allowed me to experiment and learn fundamental Conversation Design principles and gave me valuable insight into the minds of users and how they experience and interact with Conversational Interfaces. 

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