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Bots - Building Sales Reps That Never Sleep 💤 

The role of a sales representative is simply to persuade people to buy the product or service of the company/brand. And by using chatbots, we can employ a virtual sales-rep on websites and other channels that works for you 24/7, generating new business and improving your conversions.

After all, every conversion starts with a conversation. And with chatbots, we have the ability to automate thousands of conversations with customers, leading them through a journey that is unique to your brand. With the right conversation design, we have the power to influence the user and get them to take the actions you want them to, all while delivering a positive and enjoyable brand experience.

Exhibit A: Meena

Meena is the chatbot persona designed for - a healthy kids' meal service provider in the UAE. The need for a chatbot arose as they were being flooded with questions & messages from parents who wanted to know and learn more about their service. The founders thought it was time for a change and decided to innovate their brand by deploying a chatbot.

The Problem

  • Overwhelmed customer service requests.

  • Small support team, not available 24/7.

  • Needed to improve customer engagement and brand perception.

  • Wanted an innovative solution to serve their customers and compliment existing communication channels.

The Process

  • Created ‘Meena’ chatbot based on being a helpful sales assistant.

  • Identified common FAQs by collaborating with support team.

  • Created conversational flows for nurturing, qualifying and segmenting customers.

  • Tweaked & reiterated the bot by observing customer interactions.

The Solution

  • Users could order straight from within the bot, increasing monthly sales by more than 200%

  • Average 60% customer queries resolved without need for human agent.

  • ~85% lead capture rate (all qualified)

  • +90% of audience reported having a positive brand experience, increasing CSAT.

Persona & Conversation Design Guidelines :

Results :

  • Maximized lead generation by collecting the user's email at the start of the conversation.

  • Automated customer support by defining existing FAQ documents.

  • Connected & built trust with customers by communicating brand vision and mission.

  • Qualified customers using surveys and quizzes to deliver personalized user experiences.

  • Increased ROAS, CTR, conversion rate, and sales revenue.

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