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Here are some other chatbots I've developed for clients in the past. Feel free to message me if you or your organization have a chatbot requirement or just wanna chat about how bots can help grow your business 👇

Lead Generation & Qualification Bot I created for Joy of Cleaning, a cleaning company in Florida. Automatically captures and qualifies leads and generated over $50,000 in sales, resulting in a 20x ROI 🚀

B2B Lead Generation Bot created for Lux Logic Lighting, a commercial lighting company. Simple use-case, outstanding results; generating hundreds of qualified leads on autopilot 💡

Lead Qualification and FAQ bot prototype created for Devries Law Firm, USA. The chatbot enables users to use self-service to answer common questions they may have and to seamlessly book appointments with the lawyer ⚖️

Need a bot for your business? 🤖 Let's chat! Book a free discovery call with me here.

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