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Amogh Agastya

Chatbot Developer

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I teach machines how to speak human

Hello 👋

I'm a chatbot developer and I bridge the gap between human and machine interaction, using Natural Language Understanding.


I help businesses and enterprises maximize revenue, leveraging the power of Conversational AI. Here's how -

  • Developing smarter conversational assistants to slash customer service costs and enhance efficiency.

  • Using intelligent bot recommendations to boost direct sales and lead generation.

  • Applying conversational marketing playbooks to your virtual agents to further increase conversion rates.

Equipped with sound technical skills and a zeal to innovate in the digital marketing space, I am deeply passionate about AI and fully convinced of the potential and value automation ⚙️ can bring to any business.


My goal is to make Conversational Intelligence more accessible to businesses & enterprises seeking to take the next step into the future of Customer Experience. Check out the projects to see my previous work and the results I've generated for my clients 🙂                                    

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