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Amogh Agastya

Chatbot Developer

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I teach machines how to speak human

Hello 👋

I'm a chatbot developer and I bridge the gap between human and machine interaction, using Natural Language Understanding.


I help businesses and enterprises optimize revenue by leveraging the power of Conversational AI. Here's how:

  • 💡 Developing smarter conversational assistants to slash customer service costs and enhance efficiency.

  • 🔑 Using intelligent algorithms to supercharge lead generation and boost direct sales.

  • 💎 Applying proven conversational marketing strategies to your virtual agents, further maximizing conversion rates.

Equipped with a sound technical foundation and a zeal to innovate in the digital marketing space, I am deeply passionate about AI and fully convinced of the transformative potential automation ⚙️ can bring to any business.

My mission is to democratize Conversational Intelligence, making it an accessible tool for businesses and enterprises seeking to take the next step into the future of Customer Engagement 💬

Explore my projects to witness the tangible results I've delivered for my clients and learn how your business can take the next leap into the future of Customer Experience! 🚀            

Need a bot for your business? 🤖 Let's chat! Schedule a free discovery call with me here.

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